Organizational Structure

The following is the flow chart representing the chain of command at MOJA:


  • Decisions made by the Conference Executive Board of Education and Administrative Council
  • Graduation requirements and retention policies
  • Conference and Union Policies or procedures
  • Cirriculum development and adoptions
  • Independent Study Programs (ISPs)
  • Employment (hiring, probation, reduction-in-force, and termination)
  • School Budget approval


  • The school board has authority only when meeting in official session.
  • Invididual board members MAY NOT speak on behalf of the board or administration.
  • Directing the school through actions or policies in the best interest of the school.
  • Concerns about the final decisions made by the local school board.
  • Local board policy
  • Local hire descriptions
  • Expulsions


  • Facility usuage
  • Concerns about local school board decisions
  • School policies and procedures
  • Maintenance issues
  • Cirriculum implementation
  • Classroom scheduling
  • Scheduling building usage
  • School safety
  • Hanbook issues or procedures
  • Concerns about all faculty and staff
  • Issues about which you are uncertain whom you should contact
  • Suspensions (in-house/home)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Behavior concerns (prior appropriate discussions with the teacher)
  • Access to student grades online
  • School performance framework
  • School growth model - academic
  • Marketing and fundraising
  • Receiving school tuition payments
  • Financial arrangements
  • Questions about payments


  • Principal's and office assistant
  • Making payments
  • Admissions forms and registration
  • School infirmary
  • Making appointments with the principal
  • Marketing and fundraising


Follows school handbook policies and principal directives
Classroom discipline and postive reward management
Grade-level standards and expectations
Student work, grading, data-driven instruction, and data entry
Testing and data interpretation
Field trips
Keeps classroom clean, dusted, vacuumed, and in an attractive manner conducive to learning


  • Maintains facility cleanliness in all common use areas

Constituent Church
Dr. Fred Batten, Jr., Pastor
Mt. Olivet SDA Church
649 NW 15th Way
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Conference/District Headquarters
Dr. Barbara Davis, Ed.D            Education Superintendent
Southeastern Conference of SDA
1701 Robie Ave
Mt. Dora, FL 32757

Doris Brown, Associate Superintendent
Southeastern Conference of SDA
1701 Robie Ave